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Some new additions to W45 Deadman Mode

The old school runescape team has declared to add a Grand Exchange into the OSRS W45 Deadman Mode,Now,Let's see all details about it.

Please note that this world will become inaccessible,in order to give it a live testing,It should come back online for you shortly,Here are a series of changes in the W45.


NPCs above 100 combat now have a chance of dropping tier 5 emblems.

The drop rate of Tier 1 emblems on wilderness slayer tasks has been greatly improved. This now matches that of Seasonal/Tournament worlds.

2.Broken items on PvP death

The Permanent Deadman World 345 will have a broken item system after the update. As on PvP worlds, item with a ‘broken’ version will be broken on death in W45. You can speak to Perdu to repair your broken kit. However, in deeper Wilderness areas, the standard behaviour still applies whereby untradeable items are turned into a small quantity of coins for the PKer above level 20.

3.Seed box

The seed box is now able to be purchased from Farmer Gricoller.

When killed via PvP, the seed box will attempt to move its contents to your bank before the loot is distributed to the PKer. This means any stacks of seeds in the seed box will be possible to be acquired as part of the bank key.

4.Slayer XP in instanced Slayer boss rooms

Although training in instanced areas does not normally give XP on Deadman worlds, some Slayer XP for killing the Grotesque Guardians and Alchemical Hydra will now be awarded as those creatures die.

5.Looting Bag

On a Permanent Deadman world, players may put things into the looting bag anywhere outside "guarded" zones. This now matches the functionality in Seasonal/Tournament worlds.

6.Temple Trekking / Burgh de Rott Ramble

The Temple Trekking / Burgh de Rott Ramble mini-game is now available too, offering players rewards and access to the Lumberjack outfit.

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