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Some RS Elite Dungeon 3 updates

Some new drops and changes will be added to RuneScape elite dungeon 3 with the update on next week,Now,Let's see some details first.

Updates in the ED3 QoL are planned to come out on April 15th,you’ll see improvements in the drop table of ED3 bosses and Trashmobs, with Battlestaves, Water Talismans, Black Dragonhide, Triskelion Keys, as well as Crystal Keys Base Drop (drop rate: 1/16 or 1/20) added in as new drops.Scales from Black Stone Dragon will be either sorted, removed or fixed.

What's more, bosses and Trashmobs of elite dungeon 3 have had their drop tables improved. The following changes will also be made to the current drops:

Rune Salvage Base Drop: 28 + random (30)
Rune Salvage Lottery Drop: 100
Bolt-Tips: chance increased
Arrows: quantity increased
Arrow Lottery Drop: 1/50 chance of 300 arrows

In addition, Tectonic armor is to add 3% more damage bonus per piece to your Sunshine ability, while sirenic armor add 3% more damage bonus to your Death Swiftness ability.

With 750K DG Tokens and completion of Cursed of the Black stone, Elite Dungeon Chest can be upgraded, allowing banking and granting the 20% double loot chance on bosses.

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Publish Time:Wednesday, April 10, 2019

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