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Some RS Clan System and Clan Chat changes

Here will share some RS Clan System and Clan Chat details and changes for you,Hope can do some help you in the game.

1.RS Clan system

There will be a special broadcast in your clan when you have been a member for 3, 6 or 9 months and on the anniversary every year.

The interface of the clan’s information is refreshed with a creation date added.

A total RuneScape Clan level requirement for one clan can be set. Players who do not reach the requirement cannot join the clan, only if they are invited by the owner.

Clan event reminder notifications will include more information on the event.

You will be able to check visitors last week and capped count from the clan log.

There will be no Vexillum option on the Noticeboard edit interface.

2.RuneScape Clan Chat

You will be able to view the information of the clan by clicking the I button when you are guesting.

A total level requirement for guests can be set; guests who do not reach the requirement cannot join the clan chat.

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Publish Time:Wednesday, April 03, 2019

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