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RS Valkyrie's Return:Gather RS Valkyrie Feathers

RS Valkyrie's Returnis active now and runs until February 10, 2019.During this event,find and kill three wolves:Hati, Sk?ll and Fenrir, collect RS Valkyrie feathers and return them to Eir and win a series of rewards,The below are detailed informations,Please read carefully now!

RuneScape Valkyrie feathers can be obtained during the Valkyrie’s Return event. You can gain 500 Valkyrie feathers every day from killing these three wolves, and gather more features through skilling, with a 20% bonus from mining and smithing.

Moreover,Valkyrie feathers can serve as the same function as currencies like Zamorakian emblems. It can be used in this specific event to unlock different rewards once the feather accumulated to a certain amount.

The below are some rewards that can be unlocked with certain amount of Valkyrie feathers from RuneScape Eir:

Amount of feathers              Rewards you can unlock
2,000 - Jormungand Sword (main-hand) and Jormungand Sword (off-hand)
4,000 – Jormungand Bow
6,000 – Jormungand Staff
8,000 – Jormungand Cape
10,000 – Jormungand Sword 2h
12,000 – Chariot Teleport
14,000 – Huginn Blade and Muninn Blade
17,000 – Valkyrie Bobblehead
20,000 – of the Valkyrie title

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