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RS Mining & Smithing rework coming

Taday,Let's see new tiers and changes in the RS Mining & Smithing rework ,Please read carefully now.

New changes

Mining,Now you are going to enjoy a more non-competitive Mining, along with other changes to make it more enjoyable.

Smithing, it is more likely to be the punchline in this RS Mining & Smithing rework. There are three tiers added in. And when you smith an item, the levels required to smith gear match the combat levels required to wear and wield them.

New tiers

And four new tiers of metal are added with the armours to go with them,including the tier-90 armour.The ores and bars required for the creation of each tier of metal armour becomes core ores and rocks, and you are able to unlock beneficial effects for mining and smithing each core metal as you level up. Additionally, there will also be the ability to combine your tier-90 armours with monster drops, which can make a top-drawer, tier-92 armour set.

New pickaxes

What's more,The crystal pickaxe does not increase the chance to get golden rocks any more.And there is longer any mining speed boost nor Smithing XP boost from imcando pickaxe.

In the end,Don't forget that :

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Publish Time:Monday, January 07, 2019

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