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RS Mahjarrat Aura - Update!

The latest Runescape offical news post have  confirmed  that RS Mahjarrat Aura will be obtainable by all players even Ironmen.If you need to obtain the Mahjarrat Aura, see the detailed information below to understand how to get this  tier 5 aura when it is available.

Get RS Mahjarrat Aura for all players

Mahjarrat Aura will be obtainable by all players  even ironmen from July 29th.You can purchase the Mahjarrat Aura from RuneScape Death’s Store, which will cost 1,000 Reaper points.Mahjarrat Aura will also be available in exchange for 3 Bonds, which at this moment in time equates to a gold amount of approximately 65 million.


NOTE: Obtaining the Mahjarrat Aura is not required for the Trimmed Completionist Cape Requirement.If you signed up for Premier Club in 2016, the Mahjarrat Aura is already unlocked on your account and available to use.

Effect of Mahjarrat Aura RuneScape

RuneScape Mahjarrat Aura is a tier 5 aura. It could possibly increase your damage dealt as well as the cap for divine places by 5% when worn and also active, and lasts for an hour with a recharge time regarding 23 hours. The Mahjarrat Aura can be a best-in-slot aura for a lot of PvM activity.

Obtain RuneScape Reaper points for Mahjarrat Aura

RuneScape Reaper points can be obtained after you have finished a Soul Reaper task. The amount of Reaper points you may get depends on the difficulty of the task and the boss. More Reaper points will be awarded in case you have group bosses and/or expanded tasks toggled, or the Heart and soul Reaper task was carried out hard mode.
In addition , something like 20 RuneScape Reaper points can be found if you offer a Gift for that Reaper, which is obtained from the particular Motherlode Maw as a incentive or purchased from the Travelling merchant.

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Publish Time:Thursday, June 20, 2019

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