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Merlin's Crystal details and gudies

Here will provide you some complete Merlin's Crystal quest details and gudies,Please pay close attention on here.


The ability to defeat a level 39 enemy.
Attack level 20 to wield Excalibur. (Optional, can use from inventory)

Items required:

A tinderbox
A bucket of wax (obtainable during the quest, a bucket spawns near the beekeeper)
Insect repellent (obtainable during the quest)(Not needed to complete quest)
Bat bones (obtainable during the quest)
A black candle (obtained during the quest)

To begin the quest, talk to King Arthur in Camelot, east of Seers' Village. Ask him if you can join the Knights of the Round Table, and he'll suggest you complete a quest first to prove yourself. He'll tell you that his friend and mentor, Merlin, has been trapped in a crystal, yet he cannot break him out of it. Arthur will tell you to ask the other knights if they have any ideas.

Go talk to the other knights around Camelot. First, you should speak to Sir Gawain (who can be found either roaming in the courtyard or inside the castle) and talk to him about Merlin, be sure to discuss both options. He'll mention that perhaps Morgan Le Faye will know, since she created the enchantment. However, he does not know how to get into her keep.

Next, talk to Sir Lancelot on the 1st floor of Camelot Castle. Talk to him, and ask him if he has any idea on how to get into the Keep. He'll say something about how the only way to get into the Keep Le Faye is from the sea.


6 Quest point icon Quest points

Hope this useful guides improve your role in game.

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