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Learn some Crop running informations

Today,We will share some Crop running informations for you,Please read carefully now.

General information about Crop running

Crop running, sometimes referred to as farm running, is the act of visiting farming locations in sequence to efficiently harvest crops. Crop running can be combined with activities such as item alchemizing or bolt fletching. Crop running is the most effective way to gain Farming experience, compared to waiting for growing crops to complete.

Recommended magical items

Amulet of glory with charges
Ring of dueling
Combat bracelet with charges
Explorer's ring 2 or better
Teleport runes

Some Crop running

1.Vegetable run

Even though vegetables are the first seeds a player is able to plant, vegetable runs are generally not practical for low-level players. Vegetable runs are most effective for players with the ability to rapidly move across RuneScape by various means of teleporting. Each run can be performed approximately every 40 minutes.

2.Hop run

Hops patches are often not as conveniently located near teleport locations as allotment patches, and have only one patch to farm. That being said, certain crops such as Yanilian hops and Jute fibre can net some decent profit for such low level Farming.

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