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Learn New Changes for OSRS Last Man Standing

Last Man Standing is seeing some cool new changes. It includes reward system and the rewards! Here you could learn the details of these new rewards.

OSRS Last Man Standing rewards poll

The OSRS  offical  blog will list out the Reward system and the polled rewards for LMS. The Old School Team plan to run the poll from Friday August 16th to Wednesday August 21st.

Reward System

The plan for High Stakes and Competitive games was for players to receive 5 points for taking part, 10 points per kill and an additional 30, 20, or 10 points for placing first, second and third.

- 0 points for players placing between 20th and 24th
- 1 point for players placing between 10th and 19th
- 2 points for players placing between 5th and 9th
- 3 points for players placing 3rd and 4th
- 4 points for placing 2nd
- 5 points for placing 1st

There will also be bonus points available based on the number of kills in a single game.
--1 bonus point for any player who gets 3 kills in a game
--2 bonus points for any player that gets 5 or more kills in a game

The bonus points do not stack with each-other. At the end of the round the player will be awarded the points based on their finishing position and the additional bonus points if they are eligible. Please note, with this new system you will not be eligible for any points unless you are in the game for a minimum of 30 seconds.

Details of proposed rewards in OSRS LMS poll

1.Deadman Cosmetic Armour
In Deadman, there is a set of armour that players can purchase for blood money. Unfortunately because the armour was underwhelming and blood money could be farmed, the equipment was pretty useless. What we would like to do is remove the stats from the armour and bring in the 3 items (top, bottom, cape) as cosmetics for the Last Man Standing Reward Shop.
2.Trouver Parchment
Players will be able to purchase a consumable scroll from the Last Man Standing Reward Shop. When taken to Perdu, he will offer to enchant one of the items he would normally repair for a fee. This enchantment will enable the player to take that item above 20 Wilderness and have it not destroyed on death. Should the player die within the Wilderness, the item will lose the enchantment. This will occur even with is a PvM death. If the player is PKed while using these items, 75% of the fee will be dropped to the floor as coins for the PKer.
3. Halos
Some new Halos may be offered in the LMS reward shop, including the Armadyl Halo, Bandos Halo, Seren Halo, Ancient Halo and Brassica Halo.
4. 3 Speed 1-Handed Weapon
The Last Man Standing Reward Shop will offer a new one handed weapon that attacks every 3 cycles with no stats.
5. Guthixian Icon/Staff of Balance
You will be able to take a Guthixian Icon to Juna who can infuse it into a Staff of the Dead to create the Staff of Balance OSRS. The Staff of Balance carries the same stats as the Staff of Light and Staff of the Dead.
6. Combat XP Rewards
The LMS Reward shop will offer combat XP Rewards. You can exchange the points at the store in above 25 combat skills.
7. Points Exchange
There will be a points exchange which will give you a roll on the generic loot table, including alchables, useful materials and supplies.

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Publish Time:Thursday, August 15, 2019

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