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Learn Details of RS Sigil Slot Remove & Sigil Changes

It has been officially confirmed that Jagex is removing RS sigil slot from the game. RS team will make some changes and improvements to the sigil with the update.Here you can learn  the details.

Details of RS sigil slot remove

According to the official August Month Ahead Q&A live stream, RuneScape sigil slot is removed with the update on Monday.One of the main reasons for doing this is the fact that the sigil slot is often confusing to new and/or old players (pre sigil slot). With the removal of sigil slot, RuneScape sigil is transformed into abilities, the initial cost will be higher but once unlocked/bought you will keep them permanently. There will no longer be a cost per use.

Changes to RuneScape sigil

With the news to change Sigils launching, players start to talk the topic and leave messages to RS team online. And here are some main changes listed as following:
- Since new and returning players feel complicated and unfamiliar with Sigils, and the sigil slot system seem unfair, RS team has made a decision to remove sigil slot;
- Players will pay twice as much for sigils;
- All the resources will be given back to you despite of charges remaining;
- RuneScape Sigils will be unlocked through codices. They will cost a lot more than the original sigil did to offset the permanent cost;
-The sigil ability will be unlocked forever once you unlock it. Like any other combat ability, it has no charges or upkeep;
- Sigils will no longer share cooldowns but not work off GCD.

What do you think about the removal of RuneScape sigil slot?

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Publish Time:Thursday, August 08, 2019

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