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Introducing: Old School RuneScape Leagues

The latest Old School RS blog reveals a brand new game mode – OSRS Leagues. In Leagues there will be five distinct choices, hundreds of tasks, and one ultimate goal. Here you could read the information to learn the details.

Information on Old School RuneScape Leagues

From the latest official news post, Old School RuneScape Leagues  is a brand new game mode that's your opportunity to start from scratch in a race to be the first to complete major Old School achievements – but there’s a twist. Each limited-timed League has its own ruleset designed to test your skill, your determination, and your Old School knowledge. Level up as fast as you can, complete tasks, and earn points to customise your experience. You’ll have to use all your skill, knowledge, and determination to build a workable strategy – before someone else snatches victory from you.

OSRS Leagues Task System & Relic System

Stripped of your items and levels, you'll complete hundreds of new challenges in ways you never thought possible. Conquer a variety of tasks to gather points for relics. Break free from the meta, and strategize your every move. The more tasks you complete, the more points you unlock, and the quicker you can prevail.


The above image is a mock up of the Task System interface. The tasks and point allocations are subject to change.

You are able to choose between multiple buffs, such as resources harvested are doubled or resources harvested are automatically banked. The relic cannot be chanced once it is chosen, so you need to choose wisely and trust completely.

OSRS Leagues Rewards

Brand new rewards will be awarded for both Leagues and the main game.The league-to-league rewards will persist only in future league worlds. They are unlocked automatically based on which reward tier you achieve.The cosmetic rewards which carry over to the main game can be purchased from an in-game shop in exchange for the League Points you’ve earned.
Details of OSRS Leagues rewards will be introduced in a poll blog in the future.
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Publish Time:Thursday, September 19, 2019

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