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Bank Placeholders & Weapon Diversity 2 beta now live!

RS highly anticipated Bank Placeholders and new Weapon Diversity beta is now live! Some improvements have been made to bank, and changes have been made to more weapons to make them more diverse.Here you can could learn the  detailed  information.

How to join in Bank Placeholders & Weapon Diversity 2 beta

The Bank Placeholders & Weapon Diversity beta has started in game on July 31, 2019. Both members and non-members can access this beta,  and non-members will have full membership benefits while on the beta world. The link to access this beta can be found in the latest official news post.Hardcore Ironmen cannot lose their last life on the beta servers, although an already-dead Hardcore Ironmen would still be barred from logging in on the beta client.

Subjects of RS Weapon Diversity & Bank beta

The Bank Placeholders & Weapon Diversity 2 beta is a beta version of RuneScape that was used to test two main subjects:
1. Changes and improvements to the bank with some new features to make using it much more convenient;
2. A follow up to RuneScape weapon diversity beta with changes to more weapons to make them more diverse.
To test weapon effects on, players can find training dummies in the Combat Academy in Lumbridge. Speaking to Lady Deathknell allows players to access an instanced version of the Combat Academy without other players, where she will also instantly revive you should you die. There are a number of shops nearby with free items.
Max can also be found in the Combat Academy, giving players 2736 total level. Max also provides a gizmo picker interface, to be able to create a gizmo with any combination of perks.

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Publish Time:Thursday, August 01, 2019

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