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Learn Old Minimap icons informations
This week, the Minimap Icons have been changed back to the former version.Now,Lets learn all details.What it is Minimap?The Minimap (also called mini-map in RuneScape documentation) is the area of the game interface in the upper-right of the screen. It shows a birds eye view of the players surroundi...
Publish Time:12/12/2018
Some details about Violet is Blue
Violet is Blue is a RuneScape Christmas Event 2018 and a festive puzzle quest,The below are all new informations about it.Read it now.Violet is Blue will get online on Dec. 17 and be open to all players regardless of game level. The occurrence of this quest will be in the Land of Snow, the same as a...
Publish Time:12/10/2018
Learn some Deep Sea Fishing & Fishing details
Deep Sea Fishing & Fishing coming,Its the second weekend of RS Winter Weekends 2018,Now,Lets learn all informations about it.The event for the second weekend of Winter Weekends will start at 12:00 UTC on Friday Dec,and runs until December 10.On Deep Sea Fishing & Fishing ,There a series of b...
Publish Time:12/07/2018
RuneScape Christmas loot pinata Rewards
Christmas is coming soon,There are some rewards from RuneScape Christmas loot pinata,Lets know it now.This year RuneScape Christmas Loot Pinata can be obtained and deployed for rewards.The below are some rewards you can get from a RuneScape Christmas loot pinata bag:Almond toffee5 cakesCaramel cup5,...
Publish Time:12/05/2018
Runescape:Winter Weekends 2018
December is coming,The below are all informations about Winter Weekends 2018,Please keep your eyes on here now.The Winter Weekends event takes place every weekend from Friday to Monday until January 7th. Each weekend, a different buff is unlocked that can provide bonuses to things including a 25% in...
Publish Time:12/03/2018
Learn Bounty Hunter Integrity Changes
Here are some Bounty Hunter Integrity Changes details,Lets learn together now.1.Mysterious Emblems Changes A Mysterious emblem is required in inventory to be able to gain the Mysterious emblem from your target or any player that is risking the emblem.If you kill any opponent without an OSRS Mysterio...
Publish Time:11/30/2018
Some RS Winter Weekends details
RuneScape Winter Weekends 2018 is coming soon,lets learn all detailed informations now.How long will it last?A series of events on Winter Weekends will take place over weekends, and this year they will be starting on November 30, 2018 and ending on January 7, 2019. 2018 RuneScape Winter Weekend 1 be...
Publish Time:11/28/2018
Learn some Edgeville Monastery guides
Now, We will provide you some details and guides about Edgeville Monastery,Please pay attention to the following content.Basic informations about Edgeville Monastery The Edgeville Monastery is a two-story building north-east of Falador, south of the Black Knights Fortress and west of Edgeville. A co...
Publish Time:11/26/2018
Polled and PvP Changes this week
There are some Polled and PvP Changes details, Please read carefully now.1.Polled detailsThe quantity of hop seeds gained from Master Farmers has been increased but frequency has been left the same. Herb seeds can now be used to fill bird houses, with seeds up to Ranarr providing one charge each. Ra...
Publish Time:11/23/2018
Slime is of the Essence event details
A new community event and Treasure Hunter promotion---Slime is of the Essence is coming,Now,Lets see all informations about it.Some basic informations for you:RuneScape Slime is of the Essence start from November 22 and ending on November 27, 2018 ,runs for 5 days,you can begin the event Slime is of...
Publish Time:11/21/2018
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